About Us

Art makes life better. Way better.

I’ve been inspired by art of all types throughout my life. I’ve studied it a bit, trying to develop some talent in one area or another, but when I see the work of someone exceptionally talented, it’s both inspiring and humbling and beautiful. They’ve produced something that is a gift to the world.

Sadly, even the very, very talented artists you’ll find in communities all across the globe find it difficult to get their work into a gallery. And even if they do manage to get the opportunity to showcase their work, hundreds of millions of people across the globe don’t end up seeing it.

It occurred to me years ago that I want to help the artists AND non-creators. Through teaching myself some web development skills along the way (which are probably only slightly better than my artistic ability), I’ve created this site to help showcase local artists across the globe.

I don’t have any delusions of grandeur that this site is going to be among the top art websites on the internet, nor am I trying to make this a business venture from which to get rich. There’s no “business plan” or things set in place to try to generate revenue. I considered trying to set this up as a non-profit, but apparently that adds quite a bit of complexity to things.

Simply put: I’m doing this as something of a hobby, a passion project, with the main goal of simply providing a place to help artists share their amazing work.

If you’re an artist or a non-creator who is interested in the site, I’ve got a page on Facebook setup that you can Like and Follow. Shoot over a message and let me know of your interest.

I’ve also setup an Instagram and probably even a Twitter account. Those details will follow as well.

Keep checking back for updates! I’m hoping that there will be considerable progress (probably even some blog posts detailing what’s new, what’s in the works, that sort of thing)!