Erik Kucera


Erik Kucera is a true renaissance man who comes from the heart of Europe. Originally from Slovakia, he began his career in the art world at 21. As a trained goldsmith, Erik first started working in the metal medium with brass, silver, gold and gems. Later with a friend and role model from the world of fashion, he dabbled for a while in fashion design. In 1999 he found his true calling in drawing. Over the last decade Erik Kucera has made a name for himself throughout Europe. His unique style made him the founding father of the style coined "Surreallations", a unique and bold style all his own. His distinctive style expresses the influence of age, love, environment, dreams, hopes, suffrage and moods of the artist. Through this are his works and his style so various in color as they are in meaning.


Art is My Life "Life, Art, Music, Film.. all these things move me to create new art. Looking at nature or listening to beautiful music are also the muses which help me to create. It is in me, if i want to or not, it must come out through the surface. I cannot and will not imagine my life without Art. Art lives around me, comforts me and draws me in towards new and more works to create. I am dreamer, I confess, but there is a reality portion of my life as well. Regarding my Art, it comes from so many places, dreams, experiences, real life; each piece has its own path and origin from beginning to end."

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