Matthew Hatt


Matthew Hatt is a Canadian artist. Born in Toronto November 23 1975, after spending many years in living in New Minas, Nova Scotia, HE then moved with his family to a small place called Gold River, and after growing up there, he ventured in the big city, Halifax Nova Scotia where he spent a few years traveling around the city, working as a chef. After chefing around the city, he decided to move back to Gold River, where he began his career in art and music. Matthew’s art hangs in both American and Canadian homes.. Matthew’s work has been seen all over and has been an inspiration for many up and coming artists. The inspiration for Matthew Hatt’s body of work is derived from a variety of sources, most notably Andy Warhol. Matthew sees his work as a personal narrative, a collection of stories that have shaped his youth. He has focused his talents on painting portraits. By using self-developed drawing and painting processes, he has always found ways to express himself with his artwork using acrylics and oils. He utilizes intense colors to give character to the canvas, which represent Matthew’s approach to his own spontaneous creativity. Artist Statement My art work is an interesting mix of styles with a focus on color, texture and compositional aesthetics, the mood and emotional content is powerful. I consider my art, graffiti style pop art. I possess a strong interest in painting, music and film, and I am most fascinated with exploring the overlap between film, multimedia, and visual art forms such as performance and installation art. I seek beauty in the simplicity found in new experiences, people, places, and art forms. I love to create. I love seeking inspiration from the world as well as inspiring others to create. Or something like that…


Andy Warhol

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